Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it just that something has to be first?

At first let me start with an apology for this outrages comparison :)

Is Farmville new Mona Lisa? I know it sounds like a farce but isn’t some of the Mona Lisa’s great appeal just comes from the fact that it is the Number one most famous painting ever?

Ever been to the Louvre? Well I’ve been, it is full of beautiful, amazing, inspiring art and some other stuff. You wait in line for 20 minutes just to buy a ticket and then you walk about inside and see that it’s mostly empty of people, I mean there are people and it is a big place, but my point is that you don’t get the feeling that there are many people in the rook you are now in.

Then you get to the Mona Lisa’s room and suddenly you see all your ‘friends’ way back when you were all standing in the line. So you curve your way pushing and squeezing in the front of the room till you are standing in front of the all powering ever applauded Mona Lisa and deep down inside you feel kind of silly, I went through all this trouble for this?

That is not to say that the Mona Lisa is not beautiful, it is, it is very beautiful, it’s just that I’ve seen about a thousand more extremely beautiful paintings. Pictures, drawing and sculptures some of them even that very same day at the Louvre.

My point here is that a big part of the appeal of Number #1 is that it is Number #1. And the Mona Lisa is #1. And in the unjust world we live in Number #1 gets Much Much Much more then Number 2 which gets much much more then number #3. This goes on to the extent that I don’t even know what number comes afterwards.

The Japanese have a word Ichiban; literally it sort of means number #1, or the First 1st but conceptually it also embodies the ungraspable distance the pedestal of gold on which Number #1 seats just by the virtue of being Number #1.

So again, I ask you Can FarmVille Just that?
the net, FaceBook in particular is flooded with Farm game (or farm simulators, LOL) tapping in to our collective grow your own food, back to simpler time fantasy and all games tap in to the power of social rituals such as gifts.

I have no ending for this so here is a picture:

Writing this I was looking for Mona Lisa picture to post and than I thought about maybe someone have already did a farming caricature of the famous .
I couldn’t have found a better picture if I had to draw it myself (which would have been impossible)
Mr Kevin Johnson thank you for a truly amazing perspective

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